Web App Development

A web app is simply a program or application that is accessed using a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Your imagination is the limit. Describe the program that you’re envisioning and we can make it a reality. Projects we’ve built include; an employee web portal, a documentation system for employees to complete forms in a structured manner, and an HR management system. The sky is the limit.

Real-world examples of web apps include web banking, Gmail, Google Docs, SharePoint, and PeopleSoft. Examples of standalone programs include MS Word/Excel, Skype, and iTunes. While generally web apps make the most sense for our clients, there are advantages of standalone programs and we can build those as well if desired. Anything that can be built as a standalone application can be built as a web app.

Most applications today are made as web apps because web apps can be built once, and work on any type of device (from desktops, to tablets, to mobile phones). In the past, most applications were standalone (you would have to install them on each computer, whereas web apps require no installation).

Software Interfacing (APIs)

API development is one of the hottest areas in software development right now. API stands for Application Programming Interface and it means just that; an interface for a program. Most programs and services have an API. This means that we can build our own external applications to interact with these programs or services that have an API. For instance, there are online APIs for services that can do mass text messaging. So we could build an application that “calls” the API for this text message service, and have it text 30 sales prospects. Many Google Apps also have APIs. For instance, we could build an application that interacts with Google Maps and plots the locations of several businesses where you need to deliver products to. The opportunities are endless and people are really starting to get excited about APIs.


Software developers often write scripts to automate computer tasks and save employee time. For instance emailing reports could be scripted, checking a website for an update, text messaging a colleague a reminder about a meeting; these can all be scripted to occur at a scheduled, routine time.

Report Building (Business Intelligence)

Reporting is huge for businesses, especially the larger you grow. You need ways to make sense out of all the details in your business and find where the growth areas are. We’ve built sophisticated financial reports for companies with revenues over 100MM/yr. We’ve built impressive “heatmap” systems that pull data from sales transaction databases and show on a map where the customer growth areas are, allowing executives to further filter and label data based on demographics, income, and education levels in the various locations. Let us build an impressive BI solution for you (slice & dice capable, multi-system integrations, HIPAA compliant, webbased, mobile-ready). We can pull data from all your favorite sources; ADP, MS Active Directory, HR Systems, PeopleSoft, QuickBooks, MS Dynamics, Excel, Access, your POS/transaction system, EMR systems, etc.

Computer Security Solutions

Our team knows security. Our team has experience building systems in the most sensitive IS environments including DOD and mission-critical healthcare environments. We’ve built solutions for 1000+ clinician environments, a 100+ MD clinical chart review consortium, and more. Talk to us today about how we can make your system more secure!

Networking, IT Services, Planning, and Consulting

Our team has skilled technicians, engineers, and system architects that can plan and implement the most robust and cost-effective IT solutions for you. We only send our most qualified and capable engineers. Ask us about our certifications.

Healthcare IT Solutions

At Corvada, we are very familiar with the healthcare IT space. We have resources from diverse healthcare IT backgrounds including hospital EMR (Cerner Healthcare, Siemens HS), and healthcare IT consulting. We are well-versed in HIPAA, HITECH, “The Security Rule”, Meaningful Use, Medicare/Medicaid, medical coding, ICD-10, etc.

Excel Reporting Solutions

MS Excel is ubiquitous at small and medium businesses for reporting. We frequently have clients come to us who are looking to have a sophisticated Excel report built (or fix one that a previous developer abandoned). We have the skills and know-how to make it happen. For larger businesses or more sophisticated reporting, we generally recommend a more complete BI solution with a web-based interface, however we are willing to accommodate our customers as they see fit.

General Software Development

We do lots of niche projects. We build standalone applications (.exe), .NET programming, Java, web design and development; you name it. Give us a call and we can probably do it. Let’s talk.