Who we are

Our goal is to understand your business to create holistic and durable solutions.

At our core, Corvada is a software development and technology consulting company based out of Harrisburg, PA.

We help clients build a wide variety of software applications and we also assist them with strategy, planning, and implementation of IT systems.

Corvada’s goal is total success for our clients. Whether this means building an application from the ground up, implementing new networking equipment, or providing technology strategy for customers in highly-sensitive IS environments such as healthcare; we provide the best solution for our clients’ needs now and in the future.

Typically, our process begins with a “Requirements Analysis” phase where we learn about the clients’ goals and needs. We then put together a proposal outlining several different approaches we could take to solve the problem. This allows the client to play an integral role in shaping the solutions that ultimately get delivered.

Throughout the entire development process, our goal is to remain as transparent and communicative as possible. We take each proposal very seriously and look at each problem from multiple perspectives. For instance, with mobile application development, there are both native code or web-based approaches. Each clients’ different desired development timelines, costing constraints, and application capabilities can affect which approach we recommend.

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Our Philosophy

We think it’s good business to do good.

We believe that the most critical piece to delivering a successful project is listening to understand, not to respond. The better we can understand where you are coming from, the better we can conceptualize the best approach to take. We work with each client to hand-tailor a plan that best meets their needs, goals, and values.

Our Skills


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  • Web Application Development
  • Software Interfacing (APIs) – get one application to “talk” to another application in a way they can’t out of the box
  • Networking, IT Services, Planning, and Consulting
  • Computer Security Solutions
  • General IT consulting; Strategy, Vision, Discussing options to solve a problem
  • Healthcare IT Solutions; Computer security evaluations and consultations; HIPAA/HITECH compliance reviews
  • Web Development
  • General Software Development (including standalone applications)
  • Writing scripts to automate computer tasks and save employee time (e.g. You have accounting software that you want to auto-email reports to executives every Friday)
  • Report Building (Business Intelligence)
  • Excel Reporting Solutions; A lighter version of full-blown BI solutions; more fitting for small businesses
Software Development 65%
IT Consulting/Strategy 20%
IT Implementations 15%

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